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Welcome to Frayling Thomas EPA

End Point Assessment for Apprenticeships

Frayling Thomas EPA are a family run, professional, friendly End Point Assessment Organisation.

We are an approved End Point Assessment Organisation listed on the Register of End Point Assessment Organisations.

Our experienced and friendly team of end-point assessors are highly trained to put apprentices at their ease. End-point assessment can be a very stressful time for apprentices, so our aim is to make this as stress-free, efficient and professional as possible.

Email FraylingThomasEPA@outlook.com


Support with EPA Preparation

- Practice exam papers to support with tests

- Guidance material for Apprentices

- Guidance material for Training Providers

- Telephone support in advance of EPA

- Email support and guidance

- Revision guidance for apprentices

- Easy and efficient booking 

- Friendly staff, outstanding customer service

We want to hear from you, ask us questions, we are there to help and support you to give your apprentices the best possible chance of EPA success.

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We understand the needs of training providers and employers in choosing an EPA organisation to work with. We pride ourselves on being competitive in our pricing and we offer flexible payment terms to suit your needs. Have a chat with us and we can discuss options.

 Our costs are transparent and will be clear on your contract. 

We ask only for a small deposit in advance of the EPA to reserve your EPA date and assessor availability.

We hope you will never need to book a re-sit, but if you do, we break down the charges for you to keep costs to a minimum, so we only charge for each are of the EPA which has not been passed.


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Our Background

Our assessment staff have a background in apprenticeship, NVQ and/or Btec delivery, and have an excellent understanding of the requirements of apprenticeships and the standards of work required at each level.

Our EPA assessors have occupational competence in the area in which they will assess. 

In addition, our assessors have an excellent understanding of the pressure EPA can put on students and aim to ensure all learners are put at ease to give them the best possible opportunity for a successful outcome.

It all began with the idea that EPA should be less daunting for apprentices and we believe that professional, yet friendly assessment can help apprentices to perform at their best during their EPA. Not only that but we wanted to become an EPA organisation that you can actually just call up and ask questions! 

Frayling Thomas Limited. Registered company number ​07916513, 60 Lyde Green, Halesowen, B63 2PQ. Telephone 07811275753. 

Frayling Thomas Limited have been conducting work in administration, management and health and social care/social work since 2012.



Our Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission - Aspiration to Achievement

Our mission is to support all students in their aspirations by providing excellent customer service, support and guidance in training or assessment.

Our Vision

To see the progress and development of learners who are aspiring to achieve their goals through hard work and dedication.

Our Values

  • High aspirations

  • Outstanding customer service

  • Putting learners at ease

  • Supporting the highest level of achievement whenever possible so students can show they are the best that they can be

  • Integrity, reliability and honesty